Indeed, in your online shopping survey on April 26, your reviewer described her shop with us as "quick and hassle-free", a point which was ignored in your Counterpoint piece. Your reviewer acknowledged her initial difficulties downloading pages were due to her "antiquated Mac" rather than our service. 

We strive to ensure our site is Mac-compatible, and our support desk is there to help customers in difficulty. The majority of our customers (using Windows-compatible computers) find access easy. 

The delay in delivery slots was a regrettable but isolated issue which was quickly resolved.
Iceland home shopping can reach 97% of the nation. The vast majority of customers will be offered a next day delivery slot for orders placed before 3pm. Even customers in the very small number of areas which are some distance from a store can expect several delivery slots a week. 

Our service is driven by our customers, and our commitment to bringing them convenient access to our products. And comments are always welcome.