The sixth instalment of JK Rowling’s blockbuster series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, has sparked a supermarket price war.
Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury all said they would be slashing the price from its recommended retail price of £16.99.
But they were all beaten by Kwik Save, which is selling the book for £4.99. A Kwik Save spokeswoman said only children under 15 would be able to buy the book before 10am on its release today (July 16).
Meanwhile, Tesco confirmed it would be selling the book in-store for £7.97. A spokeswoman said more than 450 stores would be open to sell the book at 12.01am. It expects to sell 300 copies a minute and 18,000 copies an hour during the first 24 hours. Tesco’s internet site will sell the book for £8.96.
A spokesman for Asda confirmed it would be selling the book in-store and online for £8.96, but said it would match Kwik Save’s offer if customers brought in a Kwik Save leaflet advertising the price.
Sainsbury is selling for a price of £8.96 in-store and online. Some stores held Harry Potter events for the book’s release.