Anne Bruce
Somerfield is putting a complete non-food range into its stores as part of a new Somerfield at Home offer.
Seventy stores will be upgraded to feature the new budget range this month, and another 25 store enhancements will take place after Christmas. A cross-section of larger store types in city and high street locations have been chosen to feature Somerfield at Home in phase one of the programme.
The offer will be reviewed as a selection suitable for smaller stores is put together for phase two. The new collections will be rotated every few weeks and consist primarily of end-of-line products from a large number of suppliers, and limited stocks of electrical goods.
Somerfield at Home also includes a new low price own label clothing sub-brand J4, with budget ranges for men, women, children and babies.
The new concept is being introduced as part of Somerfield's ongoing drive to refurbish 200 stores in its portfolio, at a total cost of £75m.
Somerfield has also started rolling out its two new sub-brands for food ­ Makes Sense! and Good intentions.
Prices have been lowered across the 115 line Makes Sense! range as Somerfield's current Basic economy range converts to the new branding. Good Intentions is a reduced fat and calorie sub-brand including ready meals, vegetarian options, dips, sandwiches and wraps.

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