Somerfield has joined the growing number of retailers to experiment with self-scanning checkout systems.
The U-scan units have been installed at Somerfield's newly refurbished store in the King's Road, London. The system allows shoppers to weigh, scan, bag and pay for their goods without assistance. Four of these checkouts have been installed, and they are supervised by one operator, who is there to help shoppers as well as keep an eye open for under-age drinks sales or attempts to bypass the scanner.
"It's very important to have fast checkouts. This gives us the opportunity to increase till capacity at peak times," said Somerfield executive chairman John von Spreckelsen.
The concept will be rolled out to other stores in busy city centre and high street locations from September.
Oxford, Swindon & Gloucester Co-op, Marks and Spencer and Tesco are among the other retailers testing self-scanning till systems. And new research from NCR this week has found that 70% of shoppers say they would be keen to use self-service checkouts if they were available in stores.

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