The FSA's traffic-light labelling scheme has been undermined once more with Somerfield opting to put the rival GDA scheme on the front of packs.

The supermarket joins a growing list of retailers and suppliers to choose the Tesco model - on which all subsequent GDA labels have so far been based - including Morrisons, Nestlé, Kellogg, PepsiCo, Danone, Kraft, Campbell and Unilever.

The FSA's multiple traffic-light approach has, however, been building a following. The Co-operative Group was the latest retailer to choose the method last month, following the example of Sainsbury, Waitrose and Asda.

A Somerfield spokeswoman said it planned to apply the labels to all packs as they were redesigned over the next two to three years, with 40% of all labels to be completed this year. "Somerfield is a c-store used mainly for top-up shopping," she said. "As such we have chosen to follow the Tesco scheme as most of our shoppers are familiar with this approach."

The front-of-pack information will list the weight of each nutrient and the percentage of its GDA. There will also be a GDA table on the back.

The FSA said that it was disappointed that some companies were ignoring the extensive research it had carried out into multiple traffic-light labelling versus GDAs.

Somerfield's initiative will be promoted in its customer magazine over the next few months.