from Caroline Wilde, MD, Retail Marketing Partnership

Sir; I was interested to read that Sainsbury is claiming its key fob loyalty mechanic is “a first” (Sainsbury trials novelty Nectar key tag card, The Grocer, September 17, p13).
This is hardly new territory, as you point out. Somerfield was the first UK retailer to launch a
loyalty key fob with Saver Card as long ago as 2003.
We know this because RMP worked with Thames Card Technology in testing, refining and manufacturing fobs that could identify customers and enable the capture of purchasing data. We tested it in various trials before the national launch in February this year.
Sainsbury’s arch rival, Tesco, launched its Clubcard key fob around six months ago but I thought I’d stick up for Somerfield’s David against the Goliaths in the supermarket sector and point out that, this time, Somerfield got there first.