US sandwich chain Subway is to open its first UK eat-in concession at Northern Irish Spar chain Andrew Millar’s store in Newton Abbey, Co Antrim.
Paul Heyes, Subway developer, Northern and Southern Ireland, and Mark McCammond, operations director, Andrew Millar, said the 450 sq ft 12-seat concession would open at the Shell forecourt early next month.
McCammond said: “We haven’t done it before because of the parking issue. We have carefully selected stores with ample parking.”
He added that Andrew Millar planned to roll the concept out to other Spar stores and was looking at joint marketing initiatives as well as Spar becoming the Subway franchisee in some cases. The first Spar Subway opened in 2003.
McCammond said the secret of success was joining forces with other brands. He pointed to the BP Spar forecourt on Upper Newtownards Road in Belfast, which has a Subway and a Post Office. Tesco opened its first Northern Irish Express store next door last August. But the Spar’s food turnover had nevertheless increased 10% and petrol 20%.