International Spar achieved sales of E27bn in 2003, an increase of 4% over the prevous year, and now trades in 34 countries, managing director Gordon Campbell told the 49th International Congress in Copenhagen last week.
Campbell said the ability of Spar to compete in all markets by providing the most appropriate consumer offer for local conditions was fundamental to the growing global reach of the organisation.
“It is because Spar operates all types of stores from local convenience and neighbourhood stores to hypermarkets that we have been able to grow much faster than other global organisations.”
“For example, Spar entered Singapore with convenience stores and we responded to the growing need for convenience shopping in Europe with flagship stores in Helsinki, Stavanger and Dublin.”
Campbell added: “At the other end of the retail scale, new Interspar hypermarkets continued to drive dramatic growth in the former Eastern bloc countries of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia.”
During 2003, the first six Spar c-stores opened in Singapore, the first Spar supermarket opened in Zambia, and licence agreements were signed for Spar stores in India, Botswana and Namibia.