Sir; I note the letter from Anthony from Croydon regarding his frustration at the "out of stock" items in Tesco. It is not the only large leading supermarket with this problem. I went into our local Safeway on Saturday at 4.30pm to purchase 10 take-away curries. These are advertised outside the shop on a large board. Inside the store I was told they had sold out and this appears to happen every week with Safeway's BOGOF offers or reduced price offers. Every week their leaflets are shoved through my door and every week these items are out of stock. Do they ever come in, or is this a way of enticing people in to impulse buy when the products are not available? Shelves that are supposed to have a 6 pack of Wotsits on offer, have in fact been filled with 2 litre bottles of Safeway brand squash. Our local Safeway has had a makeover, at great expense. It has 16 checkouts. One Saturday when I visited, five were in use, one for baskets, the rest for trolley shoppers and the queues were back down isles. Why have these checkouts been put in if they are not going to be used? This infuriates shoppers all the more. Sara Harbour Crowborough East Sussex {{LETTERS }}