Booths Supermarkets is currently number 3 in The Grocer Top 50. Its store in Knutsford came in cheaper than Somerfield with a nominal basket price of £44.60 and with our shopper also describing it as a “Harrods of the north”.
The store might not have delivered on five of The Grocer 33 list. However, in each case it did offer either a branded alternative or a different pack size.
Instead of own label garden peas, Booths stocked the Birds Eye variety and stocked Persil tablets in 18 and 48-packs rather than 24-packs. And our shopper was impressed by the availability of “normal everyday products” as well as its more premium products.
Most of the everyday grocery items were available, and some products were priced competitively with the major multiples. Semi-skimmed milk was the same price as at most multiples, and 2p cheaper than at Somerfield where it was 32p. Walkers crisps multipacks were on offer at 79p compared to the majors’ 92p. Although £1.65 Tetley teabags were promoted with 50% extra free and Kellogg’s Cornflakes cost £1.25.