With the festive season behind us our shoppers sought out some lunchbox fillers now the workers and school kids are back to the grindstone.
Waitrose in Norwich provided all the items on our list and came in the cheapest at £11.35 aided by a good deal for Cheestrings at £1.09.
Just two other baskets came back full with our choice of pack sizes for Frubes and Cheesestrings not matching those on the shelves. In frustration, some shoppers went for 6-packs of Frubes weighing 360g, with Morrisons the cheapest at £1.39. Cheestrings were sold in packs of 15 minis at Asda and Safeway.
Bread rolls ranged from 35p at Morrisons in Bulwell to 79p at the Co-op in Hove.