>>Top-up shopping at the local convenience store

Our shoppers called into a local Spar this week to top up on seven key convenience lines. Standards of service were described as high at all the stores, with good ranges of well merchandised stock.

Three baskets came back full. Spar in Cardiff was the cheapest at £10.31 thanks to the lowest price of £2.99 for Carling lager.

Our shopper said the store had a selection of hot pies and pasties that smelled “delicious” as well as a good selection videos to rent. Carling was on offer at Davenport where 12 cans sold for £8.49, while eight cans cost £5.49 at Main Road, Radcliffe.

The Sun was sold out by 1.50pm in Stockport, and by 5pm in Devon and Scotland, but still on-shelf at 9pm in Belfast. Papers not sold at Fleet because a newsagent operates in the parade.
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