This week we asked our mystery shoppers to pick up ten specific products from the dairy fixtures at the big four supermarkets.
Of the group, only Tesco failed to provide all of the items on our list. However, despite missing out on a full basket this week, Tesco has a strong dairy availability record and has scored full marks in our last three checks in December, August and May.
Asda has run into problems in this area in the past - however, this week’s results, and those from December, prove that it is now firmly back on track. Morrisons and Sainsbury have provided consistently excellent results.
The items on our list were: Danone Actimel 8-pack, Onken Natural Bio Pot 500g, Yoplait Petit Filous Frubes 9-12 pack, Frijj Fresh Classic shake 500ml, Anchor Spreadable 250g, own label semi-skimmed milk 4 pints, Cathedral City mature Cheddar 200g, Cheestrings 4-pack, Philadelphia 200g, own label single cream 284ml.