Stans Superstore is keeping up the pressure on its supermarket rivals by launching what it claims are its two most competitive offers simultaneously.

The Oswestry-based retailer, well known for its claims to have the lowest-price fuel in Britain, yesterday launched a new deal, slashing 10p off a litre of fuel if customers spend £50 or more in the main store.

Unleaded petrol will fall from 101.9ppp to 91.9ppl and diesel will drop from 100.9p to 90.9ppl as part of the seven-week deal.

From Monday, Stans is also launching Stans' £30 Giveaway. Customers will get a £30 store voucher if they spend £40 or more for four of the next five weeks instore, a new voucher for every week they spend £40 or more, and on the sixth week will get a £30 voucher.

Morrisons is due to open a new store in Oswestry on 20 July while Tesco will open a store in the area on 27 July.