Supermarket stock levels were even better this week. Our shoppers checked in five full baskets, Asda being the cheapest with a till receipt of £37.86. However, all was not well on the service and tidiness front. At the NE Co-op, shelf filling trolleys were all over the place. There were only four checkouts open and our shopper got the novice till operator which meant a slow exit. Worst, however, was Morrisons where staff paid scant attention to our shopper's packing difficulties, and tomatoes were overcharged by 5p/454g. The store's only redeeming feature was the customer relations desk which handled the pricing error superbly with an apology and a refund. Checkout errors were also made at Sainsbury but in this case the tomatoes were not charged. On the bright side, our first visit to the refurbished Safeway at Plymstock was totally different because of its helpful staff, efficient checkouts, and pleasant ambience, plus the cheaper apples, tomatoes, Kellogg's Corn Flakes and sausages. The only downsides were the countless overhead banners which our shopper thought detracted from the store's quality image. This week's specials also included Asda's 23p off bananas for one week only and, along with Tesco and Safeway, Plymstock, it had cut the price of orange juice by 1p. {{GROCER 33 }}