Sainsbury had the cheapest of five full baskets for The Grocer 33 this week and came out top for customer satisfaction.
At £39.18, Sainsbury’s Woking store checked in the lowest priced basket for the chain since The Grocer 33 list was revised. The store was bright and clean and staff helpful.Even the manager exchanged some yogurts for a customer. The store was “a joy to shop” and this week’s Storewatch winner.
Morrisons in Newport charged £39.24 for a full basket. Crates and stacking trolleys caused congestion in the aisles and the checkout queues stretched back to the aisles because too few were open.
Tesco in Thirsk was clean, had wide aisles with good eye-level shelving and charged £39.32 for our 33 items.
In Blaby, Waitrose charged £42.83 for its full basket. The store was spotless and welcoming. Fresh fruit and veg was ranged in the last aisle rather than the more usual front entrance area. In Coleraine, Safeway’s full basket cost £44.79. Staff were polite but a number of shelf-edge prices did not match those on the receipt.
Aisles at Asda were full of stock cages and staff could not find any Jacob’s Creek. Sainsbury in Blackley had no standard sausages, fresh mince slipped by unscanned, but there was a packer at the till. Two shelf-edge prices at Somerfield differed from those on the bill. Jacob’s Creek went through at £3.49 rather than £4.99 and bacon at £1.59 instead of £2.55.