Located at the final stop of Manchester's tramway network, the Eccles branch of Morrisons may not be in the ideal spot but that didn't stop it winning this week's Top Store award.

The 30,000 sq ft outlet provided all 33 products on this week's list and promoted special offers on a variety of different products. The staff were quick to offer assistance to our shopper and contributed to the cordial atmosphere.

The location of the store presents some challenges, but manager Ian Thorpe said the positive attitude of his staff helped overcome them.

"Because we are next to the final stop on the tramway line, we receive a large and diverse group of commuters. If a double tram comes in we can suddenly have 500 people in the store. Even more if it's raining," he said.

"The situation on the floor can change in a matter of seconds. But although we are very busy, our comparatively small size means we are punching above our weight and I'm so grateful to the staff for their efforts."

According to CACI data, the six year-old store is located in a catchment area where 30% of residents are in the hard-pressed category, but 28% fall into the comfortably off bracket.

The store's performance is particularly impressive given that it is the second best-suited store in the area. Thorpe's local rival Asda is the most ideal.