Tesco was the first of the big four to introduce a premium range when it unveiled Finest in 1998 after the chain realised it was losing sales at the top end to Marks and Spencer and Waitrose. Initially, 70 fresh and 50 ambient lines were sold in 120 Tesco stores before the selection was extended in May 1999 and again in 2000. Finest now comprises 914 products after a further 100 were added at Easter. Despite this, premium items still account for only about 1% of Tesco's overall sales. Safeway launched The Best in May 2000 with 80 products but has extended it to 270 and sales are currently worth around £2m a week across the chain. Asda launched Extra Special three months later, while Sainsbury introduced Taste The Difference in November 2000, initially with 350 products. The range has grown steadily and now stands at 650. Somerfield was a latecomer to the party with its So Good range containing 150 items appearing last October. The company says another 100 products will be on the shelves before the end of the year. {{FEATURES }}