Sainsbury's is the least customer-centric supermarket of the big four, according to a study by marketing consultancy Dunnhumby.

The survey shows Tesco leads the way in the grocery sector, ranked fourth out of the 59 top UK companies surveyed, followed by Morrisons in fifth, Asda in seventh and Sainsbury's in 10th place.

When aggregated against the six other business sectors surveyed - airlines, car insurers, banks, mobile phone operators, telecom providers and electricity suppliers - the supermarkets received the highest average rating.

The report says that to be considered customer centric companies needed to ensure their relationships with customers had been strengthened or at least maintained over a sustained period of time.

"Supermarkets have mastered the art of capitalising on their frequent interaction with customers to give them a positive and lasting impression of service quality," said Dunnhumby.