The supermarket price wars took to the seas and skies this week when a row erupted between Somerfield and Tesco over a hot air balloon. A Somerfield spokeswoman said Tesco had banned Somerfield's charity balloon from Europe's largest hot air balloon festival which is taking place this weekend. In protest, Somerfield sent a boat out to sail up to Tesco's own balloon trailing the banner: Tesco fiesta fiasco denies kids' charity funds.' Tesco said: "We won the tender to sponsor the event. Part of the deal is exclusivity. We had no problem with the balloon being flown outside the boundaries." Susan Tanner, International Balloon Fiesta events director, said: "Tesco brought a consortium of sponsors and invested a six figure sum. We support our sponsors in return for their commitment." But a Somerfield spokeswoman insisted: "We are a company based in the south west and this fiesta was just on our doorstep. Tesco has denied us the chance to raise £20K for charity. "Sainsbury is sponsoring a festival in Northampton and will allow the balloon in." Tesco in response said the allegations were "grossly unfair and mischievous". - See Opinion, page 12 {{NEWS }}