Suppliers are rallying round Morrisons in a bid to present a more positive message about the retailer. Several key players have all rejected press claims that Morrisons has caused headaches for suppliers by becoming disorganised in its ordering.
Neil Hammond, MD of Grampian Country Food Group’s pork business, said he had experienced no such problems and added: “We have a good relationship with Morrisons and if any problems did arise we would be able to work with them to resolve them.”
Niels Petersen, MD of own-label supplier Toms Confectionery, was also adamant that there was no breakdown in communications.
This supplier confidence will come as a boost to chairman Sir Ken Morrison and the rest of the
board given its latest market share figures look bleak. The Grocer’s latest TradeTrak figures supplied by ACNielsen and published this week show that the combined Morrisons group, including Safeway, only claimed an 11.5% share of the grocery market for the four weeks to June 11.
This represents a significant fall from the 14.5% slice it boasted last October.