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Coca-Cola launches limited edition Father Christmas packs

31 Oct 2017 | By Daniel Woolfson

Packs featuring Father Christmas drinking a bottle of Coke will roll out from mid-November…

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Coca-Cola seeks licence to supply its own sites with water Subscription

25 Oct 2017 | By Emma Weinbren

Coca-Cola European Partners is hoping to ramp up its efforts in water conservation

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City news: Coca-Cola HBC fizzes to the top Subscription

11 Aug 2017 | By Edward Devlin

Coca-Cola HBC (CCH) fizzed to the top of the FTSE 100 this wee

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Apple juice squeezed by poor Polish crop Subscription

06 Oct 2017 | By Jara Zicha

Fruit juice manufacturers are facing surging prices for apple juice concentrate due to a shortage of apples in Poland

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Urgent action is needed to protect coconut water's success

13 Oct 2017 | By Julia Glotz

Gert van Manen is arguably the original whistleblower on the coconut water boom

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Coke's bottle romance makes packaging engaging - amazing! Video Subscription

09 Aug 2017 | By Mark Dishman

Coca-Cola’s quest to stop us thinking about sugar continues with – yes – an engaging, enjoyable ad about packaging


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What about the people who like sugary drinks? Subscription

14 Dec 2016

Sir, The proposed sugar tax is an unfair and retrograde move for consumers

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Marketers have not been listening to consumers Subscription

20 Jul 2016

Sir; Brexit is a statement from the people who buy our products and our brands that we are not listening to them

Soft drinks digital

You can’t please everyone

04 Apr 2015

Adopting a market tier definition approach means brands don’t waste resources talking to 100% of the ‘market’ regardless of the business issues



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