Sainsbury is set to stock two new UK-grown sweetcorn packs in August, both supplied by the country’s largest grower, Barfoots of Botley.
Director John Barfoot said his company had developed a single snack cob pack, priced at £1.49, incorporating a sachet of butter, a hand-towel and implements to hold the cob.
A second new product, a six-pack of cobettes with an infused chilli flavour dressing, will be priced at £1.99.
The products were unveiled at Barfoots’ Sweetcornfest, staged on its farm at Pagham. The holding is one of several on the south coast and the Isle of
Wight, which combined are growing the company’s largest crop ever on over 1,500 acres.
In a separate move the company has taken delivery of a special van, ‘Cornutopia’, which will sell cooked cobs direct to the public at shows. There are plans to extend the fleet to 50 vans, operating year-round and selling imported product out of the English season.