Has Asda shot itself in the foot with its answer to 'soaring' food prices? Proclaiming to feed a family of four for £1.67 may have sounded clever at the time - and makes Sainsbury's 'Feed your family for a fiver' campaign look like an offer of dinner for four at Claridges - but the move has opened the retailer's food up to the scrutiny of the tabloids. And we know what that means.

Asda is pitching its 68p bag of carrots and 73p Smartprice potatoes at cash-strapped families but it's the 2p sausages that have caused all the commotion. While the sausages may be cheap, their 34% pork content and extended ingredients list (wheatflour appears twice) is less than inspiring.

Cue the inevitable taste comparison and a queue of chefs waiting to add their tuppence worth to the debate.

The Daily Mail fired the first salvo (or should that be banger?) by rolling out the chef of a London restaurant. "My 10 year-old son eats rubbish but even he would baulk at this," was the verdict.

No doubt sales of the sausages have spiked as every paper across the country bags a packet, but the longer-term effect remains to be seen.