Tanfield Foods is relaunching its Look What We Found! ambient ready meals in a more substantial format to attract consumers wanting a complete, convenient dish.

The company is rebranding its range as Complete Meals and has added premium rice, such as Nanjing black, pearl barley or potatoes to the recipes, which include a mushroom stroganoff, mutton stew and smoked haddock potage.

The move follows feedback from consumers who said they wanted to buy an entire dish for greater convenience. Three new recipes come in: wild rabbit with leek and elderflower sauce and Camargue red rice; venison sausages with Maris Piper potatoes in a ruby port and redcurrant sauce; and Gloucester Old Spot pork meatballs with butter beans in a tomato sauce.

Black and gold livery replaces black and purple.

"Look what We Found! meals are long life and ready in two minutes, but that's where the similarity with most convenience foods ends," said MD Keith Gill.