Tesco is introducing a range of 36 health-focused products from nutrition specialist The Food Doctor. The range, which has taken five months to develop and is exclusive to Tesco, hits shelves on Tuesday (January 22). It includes products for all meal occasions, from cereals and fruit juices for breakfast, to salads and soups for lunch and marinades, dressings and grains for dinner. Cereal bars and yogurts are also available. The main ingredients are fruit, vegetables and wholegrains, with no additives. The Food Doctor philosophy is about lifestyle more than dieting, according to Tesco senior brand manager Cath O'Sullivan. "Rather than concentrating on calories or fat, it's about getting the right balance and not denying yourself," she said. The range targets busy health-conscious people, particularly those who have over indugled at Christmas. It is dual sited ­ in the chiller cabinet and near to organic products in dry groceries. The Food Doctor's cereal bars and a Five Seed Mix have previously been available through Harrods and some health food shops. Rsp: 65p yogurt, £2.59 muesli. {{P&P }}