In our latest survey, Tesco was the only retailer to deliver a full order of 33 items. It did so on time and without resorting to substitutions, emulating its performance in our July survey.
Of its rivals, only online specialist Ocado managed to offer up much of a challenge, while both Asda and Sainsbury seriously disappointed their shoppers. Asda’s delivery included six substitutions, one out of stock item for which no alternative was offered and one mistaken product. Sainsbury fared better in terms of availability with just one substitution but infuriated our shopper by delivering the goods an hour late.
Mike Dennis, retail analyst at Cheuvreux, suggested that Tesco’s performance was likely to strengthen what is already a dominant market position. Rivals would have to deliver better consistency if they wanted to catch up.
He said: “If Sainsbury and Asda are having problems with their online shopping it would be down to issues with their replenishment systems in general. Asda’s move towards offering more bogof promotions could be creating availability problems.”
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Ronan Hegarty Tesco has cleaned up in The Grocer 33 online shopping survey for the second consecutive quarter, prompting analysts to claim that the inability of rivals to compete reflects wider problems in their businesses.