A week is a long time in politics, which may explain why you can’t even go a day at the moment without one Westminster heavyweight or another having their say on food production, waste and the truly shocking impact of inflation on the price of an olive focaccia.

Recent broadsides from Messrs Brown and Cameron have respectively railed at people throwing away too much food and people whose health would probably benefit a bit if they chucked out some stuff rather than shovelling down as many calories as they possibly can every day.

Now the tousle-haired new mayor of London has joined in, with BoJo sounding off in the ­Torygraph about a new Tesco near his palatial Islington home that he said was “as exciting as a Dutch VD clinic” – a comparison that one has to presume was not meant to be particularly complimentary.

King Boris goes on to contemplate a boycott of Tesco before deciding “the British are at their most hypocritical when it comes to supermarkets” and opting against a sanction. He concludes, in a rare display of realism, that “if we want lots of lovely little shops… we must make sure to spend our money in them”.

Expect Tesco to go the way of the bendy bus any day now…