Tesco is looking to unlock the door on a new venture - selling houses online.
The Grocer has learned that the retailer is in talks with a website specialist that could see consumers selling their houses through Tesco for a fee of as little as £50.
Features on the website would include a virtual tour of properties and a failsafe security system that would protect vendors.
A source close to the web designer said: “The site is incredibly impressive and will allow vendors to stick their house on the market for a fraction of the sum it costs to go through an estate agent.”
He said buyers would have to register their credit card details online so that their identities can be verified before being allowed to view any properties.
Once approved, they would be able to contact vendors directly by dialling special coded numbers provided on the website, to protect the identity of sellers’ home phone numbers.
A spokesman for Tesco said: “We look at many things that we think customers might be interested in at any one time.
“They do not necessarily all come to fruition.”
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