from Jonathan Greenyer, concerned resident, Slough

Sir; As reported in The Grocer last week, Tesco Extra in Slough has re-opened (‘Tesco closes Slough superstore, opens new Extra’, p10).
Lucky Slough! Looking like a cross between an airport terminal and the Excel centre in Docklands, complete with travelators, Tesco has moved from a predominantly grocery-led proposition in the town to one that has proportionally more space for non-grocery items - the new white knight of profit opportunity. But does increasing the facings of staple foods, piling stock ever higher and selling even more Tesco-branded household essentials provide the consumer with a better and worthwhile shopping experience?
Unlike a large shopping mall, where you can stroll around and enjoy diverse retail experiences all under one roof, this branch of Tesco appears to interpret retail consumer choice as being solely product-based.
Only time will tell if British consumers enjoy retail functionality in the bright lights of an exhibition hall-sized Tesco that feels more like an airport terminal.