We check back in again this week for more fun from verylittlehelps.com, the always amusing website that keeps such a close eye on the inner workings of Tesco it's like giving Sir Terry a rectoscopy.

The site reported this week that Tesco had recently slapped a three-cuppa daily limit on the free drinks available to staff from its vending machines at a distribution centre in Belfast. Subsequent posters claimed the move had already been rolled out across much of the south of England.

Most likely it's a planet-saving move by the always eco-conscious corporate behemoth, designed to limit the use of plastic cups by workers that recklessly glug back Generic Warm Beverage Number 43 (with Extra Froth) like it's going out of fashion.

However, the news does rather remind one of the trade union protests called earlier this year at a store north of the border against the "draconian" toilet break policy of one of its meat suppliers, the unfortunately named Brown Brothers.

As most businesses are looking to tighten the belts, purse strings and other metaphorical devices, is Tesco looking to tighten its grasp on employees' bladders?