Tesco has lost patience with Glasgow City Council and appealed to the Scottish Executive to make a decision on one of its biggest developments in Scotland.

The Executive received the appeal this week against the non-determination of an application for a 81,000 sq ft store and 915 flats on derelict land in Partick.

The council claimed it was still awaiting the results of an air quality study before it could rule. But Scottish law allows a developer to appeal to the government if a local authority takes longer than two months to decide.

Tesco said this meant it could have made the appeal as long ago as February 2006, but had decided to try to work with the council. "We are still in constructive dialogue with the council," said a spokesman. "They still have the opportunity to determine the outcome, but we would like them to make the decision and then add the result of the air quality report into the conditions. We just want to make a bit of progress on this as it's been going on for years."

Tesco's move to bypass the local authority has infuriated campaign group Stop Tesco Owning Partick (Stop). "We are shocked Tesco should attempt to sidetrack the council's legitimate right to proceed as they are doing," said a spokesman.