Tesco is dwarfed by Carrefour in terms of its international presence, according to a new report.
According to Internationalisation of Food Retailing 2005 from CIES, at the end of 2004 Tesco operated 2,378 stores in 14 countries, while Carrefour operated 11,037 stores in 31 countries.
The survey, of 94 retailers in 107 countries, found that 51% of Carrefour’s sales were generated abroad, while Tesco generated 21% of its sales overseas. Wal-Mart ran 4,060 stores in 13 countries, with 22% of its sales rung up abroad. Germany’s Metro ran 1,547 stores in 29 countries, with 49% of its sales abroad, while Ahold generated 84% of sales outside the Netherlands, operating in 17 countries.
The report lists the top 10 food retailers in the world by sales as, from one to 10, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro, Ahold, Tesco, Kroger, Rewe, Costco, Target and Aldi. US retailers Kroger and Target do not have international operations.