Retailers' share of the magazine market has shown little movement over the three months to the end of July when compared to the previous three months, Of the six major supermarket chains, only Sainsbury shows any change ­ dropping 0.1% to hold 5% of the market, according to Seymour's monthly monitor. Tesco remains dominant with 9.5% of the market, with Sainsbury its nearest competitor. Asda retains 3.6%, with Safeway almost neck and neck at 3.5%. Morrisons and Somerfield hold on to 1.3% and 1.2% respectively. The independent sector also shows no change over the previous three months, and retains its market dominance with a 37.4% share. When the market is looked at year-on-year, the upward trend of the supermarkets, mainly at the expense of the independent sector, continues. The six major chains together hold 24.6% of the market compared with 22.5% for the same time period (May-July average) last year. The independent sector took the brunt with a 1.9% drop. Tesco made the biggest gain with a 1.1% increase. {{CTN }}