Tesco has announced that international logistics service provider Tibbett & Britten will set up a central warehousing and distribution centre for the multiple retailer in the Czech Republic.

The new operation has been established within Tibbett & Britten’s existing chilled and frozen food distribution centre in eastern Prague. From there, the company will store and then deliver all Tesco’s chilled produce, such as milk and cheese, across the Czech Republic.

Sixty additional staff have been employed to handle the Tesco business. There will be an initial 700 different stock lines (SKUs), rising to 1,100 in September. Transport to all 19 Tesco stores across the country is being outsourced under Tibbett & Britten.

Tesco has had a presence in the Czech Republic since 1996 and now has 19 stores in the country, two of which opened this year.