Tesco is to appeal against one of the remedies recommended by the Competition Commission in its groceries inquiry.

The retail giant has lodged an application with the Competition Appeal Tribunal to challenge the commission's proposal to introduce a competition test into the UK planning system because it “does not remedy the adverse effect on competition identified by the commission”.

The competition test proposed by the commission would measure a retailer's local market share before allowing it to open a new store in the area.

“The competition test would not address the planning barrier identified,” said Tesco corporate and legal affairs director Lucy Neville-Rolfe.

“Perversely, it would introduce another barrier into the planning process. The bureaucracy involved would increase delays and costs and could even jeopardise long-term regeneration schemes at a time when Tesco is working hard to keep prices low for customers.”

The Grocer revealed on Saturday that Asda and Morrisons were working on appeals.