With food inflation up 2.8% on last month, the world should be inspired by British retailers' commitment to farmers - especially amid the global food crisis, according to NFU vice president Paul Temple.

May's food prices were 2.8% higher than in April with the average price of a trolley of goods rising from £192.15 to £197.48, according to The Grocer Price Index, which is based on a trolley of 100 grocery goods. Tesco was most successful in controlling inflation. Its trolley rose just 0.7% in price, while Morrisons had the biggest increase at 4%. But at this week's UN food crisis summit in Rome, Temple warned UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon that agriculture was undervalued in the struggle against global food inflation. "The UK is fortunate to have retailers who are committed to improving the supply chain and working closely with farmers," said Temple.