Tesco held the first in a series of Meet the Grower events this weekend to promote its local produce to shoppers.

Suppliers arrived with a trailer at stores in the south east of England to give customers a local produce demonstration and talk about what is in season.

It's an initiative Tesco's head of local sourcing Emily Shamma hoped would be successful and could be rolled out across the country. "The first thing consumers ask for is local fruit and veg, and we want to respond to that and celebrate our great local produce," said Shamma.

"We will be holding about 20 events over the next few months at stores in the south east, with different producers, starting with strawberry and potato growers and then moving on as the season progresses to produce such as apples and stone fruits."

The launch of the Meet the Grower scheme co-incided with the opening of Tesco's new south east buying office.