Tesco's value share of the retail magazine market have reached a record high for the multiple, according to distributor Seymour. The monthly monitor for July shows that Tesco's estimated national news stand rsv for February-April was £12.9m, its record market share at 9.9%. Tesco's nearest supermarket competitor is Sainsbury, which has a 5.2% market share with an average rsv of £6.8m for the same period. Tesco's share of the market has been growing since Seymour began measuring the market in April 1999, when it had a 7.6% share for the three months to June of that year. Seymour's report also shows that independent retailers have gained market share for the past three quarters, growing from 35.9% in December-February to 36.5% now, a gain of 0.6%. {{CTN }}