The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld complaints that a Tesco poster advertising an iPod docking station was potentially misleading.

The ASA launched its investigated after complaints from the several members of the public that the advert implied that an iPod Nano was included in the offer price. Text on the poster had stated “£149.97; £99.97” crossed through. Underneath was the statement: “iSave 50%.”

Responding to the allegations, Tesco claimed it had included the iPod for illustrative purposes only, in line with other iPod docking station advertising. It had also gone further by including clarification in the small print that the iPod was not included. However, it did not consider the poster to be misleading.

Adjudicating on the matter, the ASA concluded that the poster must not appear in its current form again.

“We noted the small print stated "Ipod [sic] not included" but considered that it was not sufficiently prominent to ensure it was not overlooked by consumers,” the body ruled.

It also noted that the small print contradicted the impression given by the picture that the ipod was part of the offer. Tesco assured the ASA that it would give clearer descriptions for items on offer in similar advertising the future.