Blazing sunshine is hardly typical Yorkshire weather, but one of the region's biggest outlets, Tesco Wath, has scooped this week's Top Store award for being well-prepared for the summer rush.

Shoppers crammed the aisles of the 80,000 sq ft Tesco Extra when our shopper visited.

She was impressed with the friendly interaction between the staff and shoppers, which created a welcoming and personable atmosphere despite the vast size of the store.

Strong availability and fast-working checkout staff were also highlights of this Tesco, which boasted a wide variety of attractive displays from barbecue goods to Value food products.

Indeed, the visibility of own-label value foods has been a top priority for store manager Michael Cooke, who said he had noticed consumers watching the pennies more closely these days.

"In the current economic climate, people are spending on what they must buy, rather than non-essential goods, so by giving the Value range a prominent position we are reminding shoppers that cheaper alternatives are available," said Cooke.

"Even so non-food sales are still doing quite well."

The lower-priced food would be particularly pertinent to Cooke's store as CACI data indicates the number of less affluent residents is far higher in Waft than in a typical Tesco area.