from Samantha Pedder, creative & operations manager, Food and Beverage Solutions

Sir; I read with interest the articles regarding internet shopping and the issues facing both the supermarkets and the customers using the service (The Grocer, April 17).
This week I ate in a Tesco supermarket café and can only say I wish they would give their in-house services some serious attention before investing in other ventures. Tesco appears to be having problems across its instore foodservice operation.
I had to bear empty shelves, overstretched and grumpy staff and filthy crockery this week.
For me, as a consultant to the industry, the most incredible thing was that there was no drinking water on sale. The only choices for quenching your thirst were carbonated drinks packed with sugar or hot drinks predominantly containing caffeine.
Surely Tesco should be taking its responsibilities more seriously?
In a week that has seen Tesco praised and admired for its continuing profit and success in a competitive marketplace, I hope that this highlights there appears to still be a lot for Tesco to learn.