Tesco has begun changing its Guideline Daily Amount labels to monochrome coloured boxes across its ranges in a move that bows to some of the concerns expressed by the Food Standards Agency.

The supermarket previously used a variety of pastel shades on each label. But this was criticised by the FSA as confusing, as the pinks and yellows could be mixed up with red and amber traffic lights.

The move brings Tesco's design in line with the coalition of manufacturers, which launched a joint approach to GDA labelling in February (The Grocer, 11 February, p4). A spokeswoman for Kraft, which was one of the founding manufacturers of the scheme, said that although it had based its model on Tesco's in an attempt to create a critical mass in support of one GDA approach, it had opted to use one colour.

Its monochrome labels vary according to the dominant colour in the packaging, with Dairylea, for example, featuring blue boxes.

An FSA spokeswoman said that before it recommended traffic lights, it had advised manufacturers that monochrome labels would be preferable to pastels.