Tesco has been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority over two adverts that compared its prices with Asda.

The UK’s largest supermarket was told not to run the national press and TV adverts again after a complaint by Asda was upheld.

The advertising watchdog found that a national press advert which claimed more than a million baskets were cheaper at Tesco was “ambiguous and therefore misleading”.

There were ambiguities in both press and broadcast adverts, it ruled, over the use of the term ‘baskets’, which Tesco said had been used figuratively to illustrate the number of customer visits being compared rather than the products they bought.

The ASA also upheld an Asda complaint over a Tesco advert promoting special offers on pork, biscuits and toilet tissue.

But it threw out a complaint that different sizes of products were being used in the comparisons.

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