Tesco has beefed up its partnership with FareShare, pledging to provide the equivalent of seven million meals to the redistribution charity.

The retail giant, which has already held two national food collections for the charity, will divert all surplus fresh food from its distribution centres and online grocery centres to support FareShare. It anticipates this will be more than 2,300 tonnes - enough for seven million meals each year.

“Our scale puts us in a unique position to make a difference, so we’re building on our relationship with FareShare and through them, we will be giving all our surplus fresh food to those who need it most,” said Tesco group corporate affairs director Rebecca Shelley.

“This will provide seven million meals for people in the UK and will also help us to tackle food waste.”

Figures published by FareShare today reveal the charity now provides food to more than 1,000 charities across the UK – a 15% increase in just six months. 

“For the first time ever we are supporting more than 1,000 frontline charities in the UK. Our partnership with Tesco will enable us to provide even more high quality, nutritious food to some of the most vulnerable people in our society,” said FareShare CEO Lindsay Boswell.

“It will also mean the charities we support will save millions of pounds on their food bill, which they can invest into providing additional support services for their beneficiaries, helping to get people back on their feet,” he added.