Tesco is to start selling the first mainstream low-GI (Glycaemic Index) chocolate bars, reflecting a switch in focus by retailers from low carb to low GI.
Bio-synergy has won shelf space with the retailer for GI Sense, available from June in chocolate & hazlenut and chocolate & caramel flavours, with an rsp of £1.65 for a 58g bar.
It comes as experts predict that GI will become the next big health craze in processed food at the expense of low carb, with Tesco pledging to make 1,000
GI-labelled products available by the end of the year.
Bio-synergy claimed there had been a shift in thinking away from banishing all carbs to GI, which measures the impact of food on blood-sugar levels.
GI Sense has a low index, meaning it takes longer to digest and is an ideal snack to ward off hunger pangs, the company said. “It lowers insulin levels and burns fat at a higher rate, and also aids in physical endurance,” said a spokeswoman.
The Grocer revealed this month how Kit Kat Low Carb had become a casualty of falling interest in low carb (The Grocer, May 7, p70).