Tesco is preparing for another harsh winter by training staff how to use snowploughs.

With weather forecasters predicting heavy snowfall for the final weeks of the year, the supermarket has invested £1.3m in measures to keep stores open in the event of a big freeze.

That includes purchasing of 150 snowploughs, 3,000 tonnes of salt and snowplough training for 350 employees.

“When the freezing weather kicks in, our responsibility is to make sure shopping at our stores is safe and convenient for customers,” said UK operations and logistics director David Potts.

“Last year, our staff showed amazing commitment to try and ensure customers could get what they needed despite the weather. Dozens of staff were out in the car parks helping to clear snow and grit the paths.

“This year we want to be even more prepared and give our staff the tools they need to help customers shop in the snow.”

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