Tesco is to pilot third party advertising on the sides of lorries leaving its Livingston depot as it seeks new ways to generate revenue by positioning itself as a media owner.

The UK’s largest retailer is also undertaking a feasibility study into the use of multimedia digital screens in store. This is in advance of testing ‘instore TV’ in three stores from next month.

Tesco has appointed Glasgow-based Agripa to handle its truck-side advertising. The pilot kicks off in the third week of February with an eight-week campaign from Icelandair.

The ads are digitally printed 96-sheet posters and cover both the hard and curtain sides of lorries. Space on each truck is expected to cost about £300.

“We are selling defined routes and can work out who sees each truck,” said Agripa director David Macauley. “This is a new, sustainable, repetitive business model.” There are plans for a national roll out from mid April.

Tesco sees an instore digital advertising network as having the potential to become a compelling marketing tool.

Tesco hopes to have third party digital advertising in 100 stores by Christmas and 300 in three years.