Stand totty. There was certainly a lot of it going round at this week's Pro Retail show in Telford, organised for independent retailers by Palmer & Harvey McLane. As you can probably tell from this piccie, Red Devil's snake lady and her hot pants stole the show. For those who really care about these things, you could also have ogled the Pretty Polly girl and her legs (again!), a naughty nurse (not sure who she was with ­ if anyone), the P&H girls who draped themselves over the Ford Ka that retailers could win, and sundry other beauties. Great to see the food industry showing its true male-stuck-in-the-last-century colours in such style as we enter the new millennium. Hats off to the model starring in Wall's new poster and press campaign for Magnum. Despite Unilever's pleading she would not come to Telford to appear on its stand. {{COUNTERPOINT }}