Shoppers in Asda''s Farnborough store, in Hampshire, were asked for their views this week on which images the government should select to place with health warnings on tobacco-related products.

The public viewing was one of a number going on around the south east on Wednesday (31 May), coinciding with World No Tobacco Day. The event also marked the launch of the Department of Health&'s three-month consultation to identify a set of pictures to use on packets, showing the dangers associated with smoking.

Asda customers were able to rate a selection of images in order of effectiveness.

The public is also able to see the images, which include pictures of unborn babies, throat cancer and cancerous lungs, and vote online at

Fourteen health messages will be conveyed via the images, such as &'Smoking causes fatal lung cancer&', narrowed down from 42.

Several countries, including Canada, Australia, Thailand and Brazil, already carry hard-hitting warnings on packs.